New Series of DNA Journey!

Starts Tuesday 7th March 2023, 9 o’clock ITV1

I’m glad to say that the new series of DNA Journey has been announced, and what a great lineup there is for this series! From Adrian Dunbar and Neil Morrissey to Johnny Vegas and Alex Brooker, and from John Bishop and Hugh Bonneville to Oti and Motsi Mabuse.

Their stories take us from London to South Africa to Ireland, taking in Liverpool, and other parts of the UK on the way!

Time Detectives has been involved in research for most of the shows, and I’ll hopefully be appearing in couple of the episodes. Anything dark and iffy, and you’ll probably find me in there somewhere! Perhaps in the Shadow of Jack The Ripper?

And here I get to name drop Jack The Ripper on Johnny Vegas and Alex Brooker; #betterthandoingaproperjob :

I don’t usually pop my cork that spontaneously but thought it worth celebrating!

Show Reel!

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