Time Detectives Family Tree Services

Ad Hoc Day Rates £100 per Day Ad-Hoc Research can be undertaken on most aspects of Family Tree Research, also for lost relatives and Historical/Family Mysteries. For simple research, and … Continue reading Time Detectives Family Tree Services

The Krays on The Hamble Peninsula

Eventually  the Doctors after scratching their heads and listening to his diverse description of his ailments, decided that despite his protests of illness, there was nothing actually wrong with him other than a likely case of malingering by an experienced old lag of a Private.

The Family History of The Kray Twins Part 6: Continued Decline

After John died Elizabeth continued to bring in money for the family by dressing the hair of horses, a strange occupation by today’s standards, but highly in demand an age … Continue reading The Family History of The Kray Twins Part 6: Continued Decline

The Foreman Family History Part 2

It is most likely that Thomas used his smithing skills on the railways, given that he lived in between The London Chatham & Dover Railworks, and The London and South Western Railworks, with several rail lines clattering alongside the streets he lived in.

Jamie Foreman’s Family Story; Part 1 Origins in Faversham, Kent

Unless the Foremans were the only honest shipwrights in the whole of North Kent, it is almost impossible to imagine, that a family of carpenters and shipwrights were not up to their eyes in the business.