Danny Dyer, King of Canning Town

Given all the interest in Danny Dyer’s Royal heritage, it’s surprising that there doesn’t seem to be an actual tree online, so, I’ve independently researched it, and you can see the first rough cut of Danny’s actual tree going back to Royalty (Edward III) via Gregory Cromwell, son of Thomas Cromwell below:


Now given that I’ve had to successfully pursue two large Genealogy companies for passing off my previous research on their websites as their own, I’d like to say that if anyone intends to use the above they’d must make sure they credit it back to Time Detectives ™ with a link to this blog site (www.timedetectives.wordpress.com) otherwise I’ll be forced to “send the boys ’round”.

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  1. According to this document you’ve given, unless I am reading incorrectly, it appears that the line of royal descent is not via Gregory Cromwell himself but his wife, sister of Jane Seymour.


    1. Correct. The Cromwells were as common as Danny. Although from further up River at Putney rather than the Isle of Dogs.


  2. Hello there, I came across your blog after seeing Danny Dyer’s episode of “Who Do You Think You Are”. I was just wondering if you did all this research for them or did they do it? I am very distantly related to Danny Dyer as I also go back to Edward III and Phillipa of Hainault (and possibly a Mortimer link as well (though I can’t recall at this moment). I am American but my husband is from Barking and as an East Londoner, he is naturally a fan of Danny – as am I. I am glad I came across your blog! You do great work and I really enjoy reading these! Keep up the great work!


    1. Hello Stefani,

      Thanks for the kind words, I certainly will continue with the blog posts, and as you can see, I tend to concentrate on celebrities and/or people with Cockney roots (being one myself, albeit from South of The River).

      I did my research separately from WDYTYA, but my research on the “Dyer” surname line was picked up on and reused by some interested parties, who then put it forward as their own, I have since had an apology and a link back to my original research posted by the company concerned. Unfortunately it’s the second time this has happened, as another major Genealogy company did a similar thing with research I carried out on the Kray Twins’ Family History, again with the same result, i.e. an apology and a link from their mega-website to mine.

      I just have to keep a close eye on their activities and their access to my sites. Hence the faux Cockney Gangster warning on the Danny Dyer Tree :-).

      Thanks again for your support.

      Paul McNeil
      Time Detectives


  3. This is fascinating. I found the story about Danny Dyer yesterday and had to look up the family tree that links him to King Edward III. It led me to your website. I have looked each of the names that appear on wikipedia and it makes for fascinating reading. Very complicated but fascinating. I am Irish but studied history in college and have a bit of a fascination with English royalty.

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    1. Danny’s tree is a real set of contrasts, if you take the convoluted route up the various female lines you end up with Royalty, if you go straight up his Y chromosome, male line, you get East End (mainly Poplar) Dock workers all the way down. You can see the write ups on that in the various blogs on Time Detectives.


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