A Good Day in the Life of a Genealogist

Bit of Gym Work first thing to get the blood flowing to the Brain, and get the feedback from Gym Buddies on the latest episode of #DNAJourney in between sets when the breathing returns to normal. Then head-down in Irish Records for the rest of the day, dotting “i”s and crossing “t”s, and then the hard bit; knowing when to stop Polishing the Story and start Publishing the Story.

Always nice to get a Family Story finished, Ireland, Wales, England, Wars, pigs running lose, women writing to Regiments about husbands missing in action, split loyalties, and Wild Geese fleeing home to a dark place where Canaries are more usual, and families rallying round. Irish Trees can be problematic due to the lack of records compared to the UK, but they still have gems to offer up.

What better way to finish the afternoon, than a stroll along the Hamble, while the files are off to the printers to be turned into a book for a lucky customer.

Time for a drink!

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