DNA Journey Alex Brooker and Johnny Vegas DNA Journey takes top slot on the Night!

For the second week running DNA Journey comes top in its slot with a peak of 2.1 million viewers, continuing a trend for the series.

In Episode 2, anarchic comedian Johnny Vegas and funny-man broadcaster Alex Brooker embark on a road trip to find out their family history, using a mix of DNA and genealogy, discovering family secrets, and living cousins they never knew existed.  

Show Reel for Series

This one took a huge amount of research by the team, but it paid off. ‘Ordinary’ people but what they achieved was extraordinary and in unexpected ways; in this show the forgotten get a voice.

And as you’ll see in the Show Reel not only am I onscreen in this episode, but I even get to name drop Jack The Ripper to the pair of them.

It was great fun to film.

If you missed it the first time around you can get it on ITVX here:

Series 5 Episode 2

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