DNA Journey Adrian Dunbar and Neil Morrissey Peaked on the night at 2.3 Million Viewers

In episode 3, Line of Duty co-stars and lifelong friends Neil Morrissey and Adrian Dunbar embark on a journey across UK and Ireland to explore their family histories. Neil was taken into care when he was just 10 years old, and feels utterly disconnected from his family history. Desperate to fill in the gaps, he has enlisted Adrian to support him on what they both know will be a deeply emotional journey. Line of Duty stars Neil Morrissey and Adrian Dunbar met on their audition day for Guildhall drama school in London, a meeting that sparked a 42 year long friendship. Now using DNA and genealogy they are on a journey that will take them across the UK and Ireland, reconnecting with lost cousins and unearthing long held family secrets. 

Show Reel for Series

I turn up in this one like the proverbial Bad Penny, and really enjoyed filming with Adrian and Neil, some very funny and ironic situations. These two were a right laugh, I’m sure so much will have to remain on “the cutting room floor”.

If you hear the sound of a skeleton rattling in a closet, I’m probably there somewhere with a key eager to let it out. But you’ll have to catch the programme to see for yourself.


Had a cracking breakfast whilst filming as well. Yes I know there are no beans, I would normally consider that an outrage too, but I knew myself, the crew, and the production team would be in the confined space of a van for much of the day, and decided to be professional and sacrifice my own bean craving for the health and well being of my colleagues. I am sure they consider me a Saint.

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